7 Ways to Get Discounts on Amazon


When it comes to buying products online, the biggest retailer is Amazon, and most people buy products from Amazon at least once per month. However, what if you could save money on your Amazon purchases? The more you buy from Amazon, the more money you are going to save, and luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can get a discount on your purchases. You may not be able to save money on everything that you buy, but you can save on a lot of the stuff you get and you may as well put that money in your pocket instead of towards the Amazon bottom line. Let’s look at seven ways to get discounts.

Sign Up For Amazon Prime

The first way that you can get discounts is to sign up for Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a program that offers you a number of benefits when shopping on Amazon. For example, you get access to great deal of streaming entertainment including music and movies. The movies and television shows that Amazon has rival the big name streaming services like Netflix and Hulu; but Amazon Prime also gives you free shipping on millions of items. You can almost always find an Amazon Prime item to match what you are looking for that will be there in two days and cost you absolutely nothing to ship. Amazon Prime costs $99 a year or about 13 bucks a month and it is well worth it.

Always Look for Free Shipping

Always look for ways to get free shipping on Amazon. If you do not have a Prime membership, then you may simply want to look for items that offer free shipping. These are actually pretty hard to find, but they are not impossible to find. Shipping costs can get pretty high, especially on larger items, so if you can save that money that you would normally pay for shipping, you are going to be doing yourself a big favor. There may be Amazon discount codes and coupons that you can use to get free shipping even if you are not an Amazon Prime member.

Wait a Few Days before Buying

When you add something to your cart, and then you do not actually complete the purchase, you may come back and find that the price has lowered a little. This is not always the case, but Amazon is like other retailers that use a slightly lower price to get you to complete your purchase. You may get notification that items in your cart have changed price when you log into Amazon, and this means that if you were to purchase it now you would save several dollars over what you would’ve paid if you had purchased it when you added it to your cart in the first place.

Always Meet the Minimum for Free Shipping

If you do not have Prime and still want to get free shipping, there is an easy way to do so: make sure that you always have an order that totals $25 or more. Amazon recently reduced the amount that you have to have in your cart to qualify for free shipping from $35 to $25. That makes it much easier to fulfill in order and get it shipped out to you for nothing. The best way to do this is to add items to your cart and then move them to the save for later area so that when you do decide that you’re going to purchase an item and you find that you do not meet the minimum amount for free shipping, you can then add an item from your save list to make up the difference.

Buy Products through Ebates Portal

You can get cash back when you purchase hot deals through the Ebates portal. The Ebates portal is an app or browser extension allows you to purchase items and get cash back for some of them. This is a very good program because it doesn’t really matter what you shop for, some of the items are going to give you cash back. Since there is really no extra work to do when you are buying items in this manner, with only an added step to purchase items through the portal, this is a terrific way to get cash back on items that you were going to purchase anyway. You would be surprised at how much money you can save over longer periods of time such as months or years using Ebates.

Shop Amazon Coupons

When you shop Amazon coupons, you are able to get discounts on any of the items that you normally purchase. If you take a look at the coupons area of the Amazon website every day, you’re going to find items that you’re going to be purchasing sometime in the near future. If you clip the coupon, you will be able to purchase that item whenever you’re ready and get the discount for it. Plus, it is extremely easy to clip the coupon and added to your next purchase. This does require a little bit of thinking ahead, but it is not that much work and it is definitely worth the extra time you spend checking out coupons every day.

Look for Subscribe & Save Deals

When you subscribe to a purchase, you can often save several dollars off of your purchase price; subscribing to a purchase means that you agree to purchase it at least once per month. This is terrific for many of the items that you normally buy, because you can then stop thinking about them when it comes to your shopping and errands. These items are going to come to your door in an Amazon box no matter what, so you can stop adding them to your grocery list, looking for the best deal on them or taking extra time to get them from the store. Subscribe and save is one of the best features of Amazon and it is terrific because you can save money on items that you purchase every month anyway.